What is Homestarter Bond?

The Homestarter Bond is a 3-year investment from Ayala Land where you earn 3% interest every year. You can invest as little as P50,000 and you can add more every month (in increments of P10,000). The maximum investment is P10,000,000*. When you use the Homestarter Bond as downpayment for an Ayala Land residential property you get an additional discount on the net selling price through a Bonus Credit.

*subject to terms and conditions

Exclusive Discount

Get an exclusive discount when you purchase an Ayala Land Property

Earn Higher

Earn a Higher Interest Rate than a Regular Savings Account

Start Low

Start for as low as PhP 50,000 only

Maximum Bonus Credit

The Maximum Bonus Credit you are entitled to is equivalent to ten percent (10% of up to PhP 10,000,000.00) of the amount you invested or the maximum bonus credit equivalent to a percentage of the Net Selling Price of the Ayala Land residential property you are buying, whichever is lower.

Approved by In-house or Bank Financing

You should be able to pay for the property in full or be approved by in-house or bank financing on terms acceptable to Ayala Land, based on the independent credit evaluation by Ayala Land or the third party providing the financing.

Higher Investment

If your investment is higher than the downpayment, the excess will be applied towards the payment of the remaining balance of the property you are buying.

What our clients are saying...

"I was able to earn more money for my downpayment. Plus, I even got a discount on my studio"

"With my investment, I was able to get a one-bedroom instead of the studio I budgeted for."

"I made more money than leaving it in the bank"

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